Board of Directors


I am excited to be partnering with the members of Better Outcomes for OUR Kids’ (BOOK) inaugural Board of Directors. With the establishment of our Advisory Committee, The Men of BOOK, in 2018, this board will have a dynamic opportunity to partner in the support of African American families and education.

Our overall focus will be on raising awareness around the need for high- performing schools in African American communities, and the need to expand and increase awareness of the Quality Schools Movement and educational options.  As an organization led by African Americans, we have a dynamic opportunity to become the leading voice in the discussion around publicly funded schools in metro Atlanta, and their impact on African American children.

Our goal will be to leverage their credibility, relationships, and economic resources to build long-term stability programmatically, financially, and operationally. I believe this board will make strong statements and stances on educational outcomes and school choice. Join us on this journey to elevate the conversation.